Quality assurance manager resume


Quality assurance manager resume

A quality assurance manager resume will help you communicate all your knowledge, experience and skills about quality assurance management in an effective way.

You should write a quality assurance manager cover letter together with this resume.

Sample quality assurance manager resume


John Pa
City, State
13rd ABC, Boulevard
Home: 121-909-4567
Cell: 131-678-2345
E-mail Address:

Career Profile

Possessing over 10-year experience in the area of quality assurance for manager position. Coming into specific, get experience in quality control, improvement and management. Furthermore, possessing comprehensive skills in communication and problem solving.
Core competencies:

• To be good in quality management
• Performed compliance audits and maintained accurate records
• Positively work with a variety of government organizations
• Act decisively to make decision

Professional Experience:

New Boston and Technologies Limited, Co Place 200X till date
Quality Assurance manager tasks
• Takes in charge of assisting quality branches according to development and quality contro
l plans.
• Coaches and supervises the work of a team with twenty people in quality assurance department.
• Carries out implementation on and uphold system of quality assurance policies.
• Fulfills outlined objectives in compliance with company requirement.
• Puts efforts into various projects for the success.
• Develops and offer data and quality review to senior management team.

XYZ Houston Technologies and communication, 20XX to 20XX
Product assurance manager tasks

• Takes responsible for keep high quality of products.
• Promotes training programs concerned with the products.
• Creates new strategies and plans for product quality improvement.
• Clears up queries of clients in accordance with their expectations.
• Monitors the system of quality management.
• Expands and develops various training programs.

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